Window Tinting

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Window Tinting cost?

Vehicles: (Range from $179.95-$299.95)

Dyed/Metalized $179.95

CarbonXP $239.95

High Performance Ceramic $299.95.


Residential/Commercial window tinting: (Starts at $5.61, price is calculated by glass square footage. We offer free in-home estimates with lifetime warranty products.).


What kind of window tint do you use?

Suntek, Madico, LLumar


Is this that purple looking stuff?

Our high performance films come with a lifetime warranty from fading and color changes. We can replace any faded, peeling, and bubbling window film.


What is the warranty for window tinting?

Lifetime Warranty on all automotive films

Lifetime Warranty on residential film

15 Year Warranty on commercial film

5 Year Warranty on specialty films


Can tinting the windows of my house save me money?

Yes, Depending on sun exposure 10%-40% on monthly electric bills.